2017 Ford Transit Spotlight


The 2017 Ford Transit is one of the most versatile commercial vans on the market. Whether you need a spacious cargo van or a comfortable people hauler, the Transit is perfect for you and your business. Bearing the tagline "Built specifically for almost anything and everything," the Transit has a wide range of options that let you customize it to your needs.


Upfitting your cargo van with the special equipment you need for your job has never been easier thanks to the Transit's design, which is meant to make upfitting simple and fast, and the Ford assembly plant's deliberate proximity to 12 local upfitters. When buying your Transit, all you have to do is go online and click through tons of options to turn your van into whatever you need it to be-whether you need a shelving unit to store your tools, higher or lower roof heights and towing capacities, and much more.

The Transit also comes with a wide range of vocational packages, like the Ambulance Prep Package and the RV Prep Package, which makes it much easier to put together a van that meets your needs. From taking a Little League team to their next game to hauling supplies to a build site, the Ford Transit can do it all. Find out more about this innovative cargo and passenger van today at Packey Webb Ford!


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